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Efficacy Duck Egg For Adult Men

Posted by Men's Health Tips on Sunday, January 10, 2016

Efficacy Duck Egg For Adult Men - Decline in sexual appetite, it is not only by one factor. But interrelated, including psychological distress such as stress, physical fatigue, lack of sleep, and the wrong diet, spelled out the factors that can decrease sexual vitality. In fact, not a few men who experience a decrease in vitality, increasingly demoralized despite the recent mengeluarkanjurusjurus to tickle the perceived decreased sex drive.

But try to eat duck eggs that reportedly can increase sex drive, was justified by Dr. Bambang Sukamto, DMSH of On Clinic, Jakarta. "Yes, indeed duck egg contains a lot of fat and protein, which implies helping the growth of sperm and testosterone, and would be nice to improve sexual performance," he said.

He added, medically duck eggs can even be used as a tool to cure impotence by eating two eggs a day. And it is good to drink with honey ataujamu, accompanied by vegetables and foods containing zinc such as oysters and tirem. Foods containing zinc helps the growth of testosterone and sperm.

"But if passion is kembaktior mall, consumption of duck eggs just one item a day or four items in one week. http://alatperagakesehatan.net/alat-peraga-kedokteran/ And preferably, choose a duck egg village because it is still natural, not contaminated by chemicals such as eggs produced by the factory," the doctor's advice Bambang.

Supplements Sex
Duck eggs into sex supplements, it has been believed since decades ago. Many ways to draw on duck eggs to be used as a supplement. Among them, mixed with special herbs or man made extra drink sweet tea substitutes as is done by the Minang community. "Tea Egg", a duck egg yolk, plus as many as two tablespoons sugar, whipped in the glass about 10 or 15 minutes. Penyuguhannya, given hot tea water. This herb for the newly married bride appeared to have become a mandatory drink before having sex.

Many types of eggs is believed to have efficacy improve sexual performance, one chicken eggs. Doctor Bambang explained, for a normal man should avoid eating duck eggs, because it can be fatal, accumulation of fat and increased cholesterol. As well as being sick with diabetes and renal impairment, it could lead to impotence.

"Also, do not eat them too often. It could lead to ketergaritungan and confident every time you have sex. As a result remain impotence. So, do not equate duck egg with supplement other sex can be consumed every 1 day or before sex. Before making eggs duck as an alternative medicine, you should check the health first in order to avoid side effects such as allergies, "added the doctor Bambang.


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