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Sports Good For sexuality Men

Posted by Men's Health Tips on Thursday, January 7, 2016

Sports Good For sexuality Men - Sex, as already discussed, is also part of the sport. But that does not mean enough to sex alone, the body becomes healthy.
Doing other sports can also create a healthy body and a better sex life. As reported by the Times of India, there are some sports that make you more skilled when in bed. This is it:
1. Push-ups
Push-ups can strengthen arms, shoulders and abdominal muscles. With this sport, you can get a toned abdominal muscles so that a more attractive appearance. Not only that, the abdominal muscles are toned, for men in particular, is very useful when performing sex position man on top.
2. Squats
While doing squats, many muscles work produces a number of hormones and can eventually increase the sex drive. This exercise also strengthens the muscles buttocks and upper legs so that it can increase the performance during sex. http://alatperagakesehatan.net/harga-phantom/
3. Bench Press
Doing bench press helps strengthen the muscles of the chest and arm. Many women who admire broad-shouldered man. With a strong chest muscles, men also do not get tired easily when having sex with their partner. As for women, bench press will make the breasts look firmer and fuller. This will certainly make him more interested in you.
4. Cardio
All types of cardio exercise ranging from swimming, running or aerobics can improve blood circulation in the body. By having good blood circulation can help the emergence of sexual arousal. Cardio exercise also help you release endorphins in the brain, hormones that create a sense of happiness.
5. Kegel
Kegel is one sport that is important for men and women. By practicing Kegel, you can experience significant changes during lovemaking. In men, by practicing Kegel regularly helps control the muscles that normally contract during ejaculation. By being able to control it, the men can make ejaculation longer.


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