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Posted by Men's Health Tips on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Food adder Sperm - Good news, there are some foods that sperm enhancer to boost the production of male sperm count naturally and quickly. It would be a good news for men who have problems with sperm count and yet also have a baby after getting married a few years.

Keep in mind that one of the factors that determine the quality of the sperm is good is the amount of semen and number of sperm cells in the seminal fluid. Both the amount of semen and number of sperm cells must meet the standards of normal sperm after laboratory examination.

Well, then how the amount of seminal fluid and sperm cell count was normal?

As posted on the web pramita.co.id issues related to sperm analysis has been explained that the amount of seminal fluid and also the number of normal sperm cells are as follows:

The amount of semen out of the male reproductive organs in one ejaculation is 2-5 ml, equivalent to 1 / 2-1 tablespoons.

Number of sperm cells contained in 1ml semen of men as much as 100 million sperm cells.
So what if the amount of semen and sperm cell count you less?
This will certainly affect your fertility as a man. Manhood will be questioned either by family, friends and neighbors because there is also the descent in the middle of the Big Dipper your household. But you do need to venture thumbs up, continue to gather information and keep striving to make you as a man who does not belong to the class of men most. They prefer indifferent, blame the wife, desperate, are not willing to see a doctor with his wife and others.

Any food that is natural sperm enhancer and fast?

food enhancer sperm
food enhancer sperm

In addition to treatment, a healthy diet can help to increase the number of male sperm. Moreover, if a man wants to pay attention to some types of foods that are very useful to increase the number of sperm. So naturally through food therapy can be done by a husband for the sperm to be a lot, healthy and fertile. http://alatperagakesehatan.net/phantom-kelamin-laki-laki-dan-perempuan/ 

There are several kinds of food, vegetables, fruit and beverages that can be used as a fine cuisine as well as therapeutic food sperm and stamina enhancer.

Sperm Enhancer Beverages
There are several types of sperm enhancer drinks that can be made from vegetables all around us, in addition to the delicious taste of course, your body will be healthier and stamina awake.

1. Tomato Juice
Tomato juice has a taste that is fresh and tasty, but did you know that behind the delicious taste of fresh and contained tremendous benefits especially for a man. From the research at Harvard University, men who consume lots of tomatoes have a sperm count that much. It turns lycopene in tomatoes is very effective to improve the quality of male sperm. So it needs to be tested for men who want to increase the production of sperm count ya :)

2. Carrot Juice
Woww carrot juice? Hihi :) it feels not so favored for most men. However, if the properties are known for the quality of the sperm of course, for a man who is trying to add to the sperm would taste therapy can be ruled out. Beta-carotene and lycopene in carrots in addition to adding the sperm is also very efficacious to improve the structure of the sperm cell shape and motility of sperm. So the sperm will be active and healthy.

Sperm Enhancer fruit
Well there are several kinds of fruit that was also beneficial for male virility problems, especially to improve and multiply sperm. If you do not like to eat vegetables juice fruits can be used as a replacement. Let us discuss one by one!

1. Fresh Oranges
Well if this is definitely a lot of love, with sweet fruit flavors of citrus fruits also turned out to have properties that also make him sweet. The content of vitamin C is able to maintain and protect the reproductive system of cell damage. Besides the most important according to our discussion is able to increase the number of male sperm.

2. Bananas
Bananas are delicious but also can help augment the production of sperm, but it can increase stamina and libido in men. With the increasing passion of course it will also help in the course of pregnancy the couple.

Sperm Enhancer vegetables
There are some vegetables are also beneficial for couples, especially vegetables that contain lots of folic acid such as broccoli, asparagus, bean sprouts or sprouts, corn, beans and squash. Folic acid than beneficial in the wife's pregnancy is also beneficial to increase the number of male sperm.

Supplements and Drugs Sperm Enhancer
To speed up the efforts being made to add and multiply sperm, could be coupled with the intake of supplements or herbal remedies sperm enhancer. But before choosing make sure that the content of the sperm enhancing drugs really efficacious and is a material that is natural, safe and without efeksamping. Consuming extra supplements will indeed help to reproduce sperm, moreover, there are some herbal supplements that have multiple properties. In addition to reproduce sperm there is also believed to maintain stamina, increase sperm quality and fertility, increase libido, sperm thicken, making sperm active and make healthy sperm.


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