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Efficacy Watermelon Fruit

Posted by Men's Health Tips on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Efficacy Watermelon Fruit - There are many fruits that contain vitamins and minerals are consumed to maintain a healthy body. But among the many pieces there are, there are some pieces that are specifically very useful in maintaining men's health while maintaining fitness. One of the specific fruit is best eaten as a man can maintain his health fully and maintain their fitness is watermelon.

semangkaSecara benefit general, the content in each 100 grams of watermelon consists of 319mg of Potassium, Phosphorus 31mg, 30mg Magnesium, Calcium 19mg, Sodium 2,9mg, Iron 0,98mg, 1,2mcg Selenium, Manganese 0,112mg; Copper 0,15mg; Zinc 0,32mg; Vitamin A 1630IU; Thiamine 0,092mg; Riboflavin 0,09mg; Niacin 0,521mg; Folate 9mcg; Pantothenic acid 0,654mg; 0,123mg of vitamin B6; Vitamin C 23,4mg; Vitamin E 0,15mg; Vitamin K 0,4mcg; Protein 1,74g; 1,9g fiber; and Calories 85kalori.

There are many properties that are stored in a rich red fruit and water for a man. Any property that is owned by watermelon for men's health and fitness? Let us refer to the following review.

Benefits of Watermelon For Men
Not only lowers blood pressure, but contained a lot of benefits in a watermelon, especially for the health and fitness of a man. Surely now curious rather than what are the benefits of watermelon for men? Let us refer to the benefits of watermelon for men description below.

Maintain Prostate Health
In a watermelon contains many lychopene. And lychopene contained in watermelon can act as antioxidants to maintain healthy skin, heart and prostate sac. http://alatperagakesehatan.net/phantom-kelamin-laki-laki-dan-perempuan/ In order to obtain valid data on watermelon conclusions can be beneficial for prostate health, a doctor from the University of Illinois in Chicago trying to give watermelon for 3 consecutive weeks - helped to prostatectomy patients and the results were successful. Because it is highly advisable for men to consume watermelon regularly to maintain prostate health and repair damage that may occur in the prostate.

Fixing Erectile Dysfunction
Watermelon is also believed to be able to improve fertility for both men and for men who experience erectile dysfunction. One that supports this is a study conducted by researchers at Texas A & M University. ,

This is because the skin of the watermelon contains phyto-nutrients called citrulline. Citrulline can help relax the blood vessels in the reproductive organs so that blood flow will be smooth. Citrulline also serves to increase nitric oxide levels so that flow smoothly throughout the body, including in the Mr.P.

That is some efficacy Eating Watermelon For Men's Health. Therefore it is advisable for you guys always eat watermelon regularly. Hopefully this time we deliver into useful information.


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